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Script Editor



Darling Killer

Your B plot character is stealing the show from your main character, your punchlines aren’t landing, or, your project is 45 minutes too long. 


It’s hard to kill your own darlings, so hire me to do it. 


Unlike open-ended workshop scenarios where random people prescribe “fixes” to your show, I provide positive, constructive, and honest feedback, tailored to the piece you want to write. 


My rate is $50.00/hour and most plays take me between 3-4 hours to read/write notes. 


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"Laura has an incredible eye for detail and gives wonderful feedback. I sent my play to her just after finishing a second draft, and she was able to articulate everything I thought it needed but didn’t know how to say. She is encouraging and helpful, while also being constructive and honest. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a sharp second pair of eyes for their work." 


"It's clear that Laura has a deep understanding of storytelling and screenwriting. She knows what questions to ask, and can spot what your script is missing from a mile away!


I sent her my pilot script, and got some of the most thorough, thoughtful, and helpful notes I've ever received. From big picture suggestions on characters and story, to in-depth notes on details and dialogue, Laura's feedback has helped me improve my story tenfold. 10/10, will hire again. "


"Laura was prompt and effective in providing insightful commentary on and suggestions for my screenplay. She was able to highlight things I hadn't fully realized and provide specific opportunities where I could better my work. Laura's ability to see the desired impact of the screenplay complimented her critique in a way that appreciated my vision but didn't let me off the hook in areas where I could improve."

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