Minimalist Staircase

Just the


4W, 2M

Potential couple Lucy and Alfonso have a lot in common: they both love jazz, hate incompetent ER nurses, and are quadriplegics who use text-to-speech technology to speak. Their mothers only see differences. Alfonso’s mom writes off any girl who isn’t a Spanish-speaking PhD candidate. Since Lucy’s mom doesn't want her to date, period, Lucy resorts to illicit measures to assert her independence. JUST THE MELODY is equal parts hilarious coming of age story and a brutal dissection of disability, class, and race in present-day America.

Barrington Stage Burman New Play Prize 2020 - tied for 2nd place

Relentless Award - American Theatre Foundation's Honorable Mention

Drama League Next Stage Residency Recipient

          Reading directed by resident Ashley Brooke Monroe

          ft. Maddison Ferris and Tasha Lawrence

Princess Grace Award - Semi Finalist

SPACE at Ryder Farm Creative Fellowship Semi-Finalist

Ground Floor at Berkeley Rep - Semi-Finalist

formerly titled "Biting Hands"

a full-length dramedy



Play Date at Pete's Candy Store

Virtual Reading with the Bechdel Group

Shortlisted for the 2020 Corkscrew Theatre Festival 

3W: full length comedy

Furious that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has lost her presidential bid in 2040 to a known embezzler, AOC, the current first lady and her daughter have a so-crazy-it-just-might-work idea to create a position of power that can only be held by a non-male person: The Queen of the United States. As centuries pass, the role of the Queen morphs into an inarguably American hybrid of power, fame, and royalty that would be unrecognizable to the women who dreamed her up.


Space Mission #5379

Saving Rachel, Nevada

a full-length play for children


1st place Winner of East Valley Children's Theatre Playwriting Contest - produced in 2020

Redwood Day School Production November 2019



 Winner of Best Original Script in the AirZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence 2020

National Youth Arts Award Nomination for Outstanding New Work

2nd place in the Jackie White Memorial International Playwriting Contest 2019 

Top 8 Finalist at the East Valley Children's Theatre Playwrights Competition


15+ characters, any gender

There have been no alien sightings in Rachel, Nevada for two whole years. This means trouble for the town of 50 people that live or die by Area 51 tourism. When the Coates family moves to town, they are enlisted by the town kids to help stage an alien sighting to save their new home. 



Loses Her


a 90-minute comedy

Semi-Finalist in The Bechdel Test 2.0 Festival in Tempe, Arizona 

NY Winterfest - workshop production

Reading at Dixon Place Lounge

6W, 1M

A Jew, a Catholic, a Southern Baptist, two Muslims, and two Agnostics climb on board a pedal trolley in Nashville, TN to kick off celebrating Emerson Greenblatt’s engagement to Zeesean Mian. Hana Mian-Yousef, the groom's sister, can't wait to help Emerson plan her interfaith wedding, but as the trolley rolls on, building pressure from the bridesmaids about where she’ll live, how many babies she’ll have, and whether the wedding will be halal or kosher shake Emerson’s assumption that she wants to get married at all.



a full-length dramadey

Barrington Stage Burman New Play Award - Semi-Finalist

Rough Draft Festival at LPAC - workshop production​

Corkscrew Festival - reading 

5W, 2M

Genesis Báez is a college student, a provider for her family, and a porn star in Miami’s competitive amateur porn scene. She has her eye on retiring from porn, but she just needs to book one last
shoot to pay for her final semester in college. When an unconventional porn star wannabe arrives at the house Gen shares with her boyfriend and two other porn stars, Gen’s carefully crafted-persona gets torn away. Inspired by the Netflix Documentary Hot Girls Wanted, GONZO centers the complex lives of sex workers and their roles in deciding what gets filmed
and who gets fucked.


432 w 16 m - flexible gender


Prospect High School, Mount Prospect Illinois, January 2020





Four high-school hobby-horse teams overcome internal and external team drama to win the first ever Illinois State Hobby Horse Regionals Championship. 


ACT 1: Each team has its final rehearsal before the Championship. These final rehearsals are each one act plays that take place simultaneously in four different rooms.

ACT 2: All four teams come together in the gym for a live hobby horse competition.

Audience members can return 4 nights to see the 4 different versions of the show.

The Bewitchin' Witches -the only team with any freshman-  the Witches’ high hopes for beating the upperclassmen are threatened when they learn something new about the competition. Now, they’re scrambling to avoid a hobby horse embarrassment that will haunt them for the next four years. 


The Gryffindors must decide if the secret to winning lies in revolting against their tyrannical captain or following her visionary but terrifying lead.


The Prospect Marching Equestrians - made up of members who do both hobby horse racing and marching band, the PME is the team to beat - or they would be, if they could stop the relationship drama and actually start rehearsing. 


The Colt Classics have their show on lock - until a smear campaign against this all-girls group shatters their confidence and potentially, their team. 

Commissioned by and performed at Prospect High School in January 2020. 


10-Minute Plays

How Jenna Malone Got Her Nose

Lit 2050

Ticket to Ride 

The Other Mistress: The Story of the Greenlighting of the Gertrude Mills Story 



and the Cursed Child 

A Fan Fic Scene to Fix Act III




12 Mad AF Women

A #MeToo case has gone to trial, and both the defense and prosecution have agreed on an all female jury. 12 MAD AS F*** WOMEN is a much-needed 21st century updated for 12 ANGRY MEN.  

Western Wall


What the Israelis call taglit or, “discovery,” English speakers call “Birthright,” a chance for Jews ages 18-26 to fly to Israel for a 10-day-all-expenses-paid-trips to explore their heritage (and party and hook-up). When Laura Winters, the playwright, and the world's least Jewish Jew, decides to attend the "Arts and Theatre Focused Birthright Trip," she has no idea that she has joined a group of the craziest cast of characters she didn't have to invent. TAGLIT is a memory play investigating how excluded one can feel from the world's most exclusive religion. 

Theater Lights

Talk Back

The curtain has fallen on Elon's one-night performance of their three-hour three-act-investigation of queer identity politics My Name is a Juniper Blos/soms in Fire. But the true show begins when Elon solicits feedback from the audience, and they realize their message may not have come out as clearly as they hoped.