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How to find audition material 

a.) spend time and energy pouring over scripts for overdone monologues and scenes that were written for and performed by other actors

b.) have original material written for your unique voice and skills

The Process: 

We meet in person (or on Skype) and discuss what your strengths, what sort of roles you play, what you're auditioning for (I'll take secret notes about your natural speaking cadence), and then I'll go off and write you whatever you need within a week. I'll re-write until your happy!

Contact for a quote 



If you're looking for smart and fresh material with witty, quippy dialogue that CDs and agents respond to, contact Laura. She really takes into consideration your goal, type, and preferred genre to give you a scene that you'll feel comfy with going into meetings with CDs and agents. 


"After seeing a reading of Laura's work, I knew I wanted to work with her. Laura sent along a sample of what she might write for me specifically as an actor looking to produce my own work. She had taken the initiative to look at my website and reel and created a role perfect for my type, just to show me what she could do! She has an eye for type and a clear, darkly comedic voice. Even better, she's flexible and fantastic to work with!" 


These sides are divine and so well-crafted. Thank you for this treat. I’m very excited to work on these. Thank you for your timeliness and skill!


Laura far exceeded my expectations and wrote copy that played to my strong

suits and allowed me to present myself

as an actor in the best possible way.

She was thorough and reliable and I

would HIGHLY recommend her to

anyone looking to help personalize their audition copy.


I was looking for scenes for my demo reel that fit my type and showcased my comedic side as an actress. Having worked with Laura before on one of her plays, and having witnessed her ability to tailor the text to the actor, I knew that she would capture my essence through the character. Just as expected, the scenes were a great fit for me and provided excellent comedic material for my demo reel. I highly recommend Laura to anybody looking for original, well written material.

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