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In TYPE CAST, a single-cam, half-hour comedy, two disabled, aspiring actresses are pitted against each other in the 1980’s NYC theatre scene that has room for neither of them, let alone accessible f***ing toilets.

Official Winner of the ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition 30-minute

Current Top-10 Finalist in the Final Draft Big Break Competition 2020.






a short

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Molly wants one perfect Instagram photo from her weekend trip to the beach: her, beautiful, standing in the ocean, holding a three-layer-cake packed with blueberries. The only thing standing between her and the perfect photo is Ted, her boyfriend, who, for Molly's own mental health, has banned photo-taking. Also, it's November. So the water is really f***ing cold. 

Shot in 2019. Currently out to festivals. 

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Oniros Film Awards September 2020: Grand Jury Award - Best Screenplay , Finalist - Best Short Film, Best Screenplay

Absurd Film Festival - Winner of Best Comedy Short

Official Selection - Katra Film Festival  



A western short set in the 1880’s: Deputy Marshal Wesley Ambrose, blinded by revenge, pursues the man who murdered his son, only to discover a sinister truth.  

Filming October 2021

Director: Jeremiah Kipp

Producer: Nick Candido. Starring: Larry Mihlon

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When two sisters drowning in their deceased mother's medical debt are served an eviction notice in the-middle-of-nowhere Illinois, they realize the only option they have to save themselves is to become world famous popstars. 

co-created by Bethany Lauren James produced by Margaret Montavon and Elizabeth Raia



Twenty-four year old Grace Evans receives a Bad Conduct Discharge from the Iraq war, and returns home to her military-centric, suburban town without any of the VA benefits she planned on receiving, all at the height of the 2008 financial crash.  

A 2020 finalist for The Orchard Project Episodic Lab 


For Profit

a half-hour comedy Pilot

Kimerblee, an ambitious boss who channels her failed Broadway dreams into a non-profit, deploys less-than-legal interviewing practices to hire a queer employ to ensure that her non-for-profit can win subsidized office space in a LGTBTQ+ center.


The other two.

Season 1 

Spec Script

"Chase Performs at the Super Bowl"

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Season 2

Spec Script



Kimmy Schmidt

(Kimmy Takes the Plunge!)

Season 3 - Episode 5

Spec Script


Jessica Jones

 Season 3 - Episode 1 

Spec Script 


A Feature

The Second

Harper felt so badly about attempting to steal her sister's boyfriend on the same day Liza was competing in the Miss Savannah beauty pageant that she moved to China and never came back. When Harper receives an email from her MeeMaw begging her to come home because she's dying, Harper obliges. MeeMaw urges her granddaughters to make up while she’s still alive, but Liza will accept Harper’s apology on one condition: Harper enters and earnestly competes in the prestigious (or, depending on which sister you are, utterly ridiculous) Miss Savannah pageant.

Miss Savannah