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When two sisters drowning in their deceased mother's medical debt are served an eviction notice in the-middle-of-nowhere Illinois, they realize the only option they have to save themselves is to become world famous popstars. 

co-created by Bethany Lauren James produced by Margaret Montavon and Elizabeth Raia



*animal - in Arabic

A first-generation Moroccan-American Muslim girl - back from college and living in her parents’ observant home - defies all the stereotypes by drinking, sleeping around, and getting a totally secret (and totally haram) job as a bartender.

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star/co-creator of Hayawan 



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In TYPE CAST, a single-cam, half-hour comedy, two disabled, aspiring actresses are pitted against each other in the 1980’s NYC theatre scene that has room for neither of them, let alone accessible f***ing toilets.

Official Winner of the ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition 30-minute

Current Top-10 Finalist in the Final Draft Big Break Competition 2020.

Type Cast


Twenty-four year old Grace Evans receives a Bad Conduct Discharge from the Iraq war, and returns home to her military-centric, suburban town without any of the VA benefits she planned on receiving, all at the height of the 2008 financial crash.  

A 2020 finalist for The Orchard Project Episodic Lab 


For Profit

a half-hour comedy Pilot

Kimerblee, an ambitious boss who channels her failed Broadway dreams into a non-profit, deploys less-than-legal interviewing practices to hire a queer employ to ensure that her non-for-profit can win subsidized office space in a LGTBTQ+ center.

Not for Profit

The other two.

Season 1 

Spec Script

"Chase Performs at the Super Bowl"

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The Other Two


Season 2

Spec Script



Kimmy Schmidt

(Kimmy Takes the Plunge!)

Season 3 - Episode 5

Spec Script

Kimmy Schmidt

Jessica Jones

 Season 3 - Episode 1 

Spec Script 

Jessica Jones
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