Free Rein

by Artie Sievers and Laura Winters

Jane Franklin is ready to rock 8th grade. She has her fierce friend group Mimi, Penelope, and Elizabeth who all love the YA dystopian series The Moonstress Chronicles, and most importantly, they’re all on the same hobby horse racing team. (Hobby horse racing, is a real sport started by Finish preteen girls who take horse heads on sticks and compete as though they are actual horses - in races, jumping, and dressage). When Jane’s cooler cousin Akira (who is a freshman in high school) shows up in town, she makes Jane and her friends think twice about whether or not being 8th grade hobby horse racers will brand them with an unshakeable and dorky reputation while entering high school.  FREE REIN is a coming of age musical where pre teen girls are forced to decide between her image and her imagination.


by  JJ Warshaw and Laura Winters

Mirror Image

MIRROR IMAGE, the story of Jade Jennings, a high-achieving high schooler (with OCD) whose dream of getting into Northwestern’s school of journalism is threatened when she develops an eating disorder during her senior year. Told with immense humor, MIRROR IMAGE seeks to bring humanity to an issue that affects as many as 1 out of 10 teenage girls. 

MIRROR IMAGE was a semi-finalist in the National Alliance for Musical Theatre and the Alhadeff Family Charitable Foundation's 15 minute musical challenge. 


 Inspired by a note from the previous editor-in-chief, Jade sets out to "Take Control" of the newspaper and her future 

2. Take Control
00:00 / 03:08

Caroline, a senior transfer hailing from a wealthy suburb of Chicago, upends Jade's sense of accomplishment by teaching Jade what she knows about being on camera. 

4. NBC
00:00 / 02:27

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