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Honey Crumble

Twenty-five years after the overturning of Roe v. Wade, a group of rebels, who drive an ice cream truck outfitted with a secret medical bay to give abortions, set out on a mission to rescue a pregnant 12-year-old from Texas where, if caught, they'll be prosecuted as murderers. 

Honey crumbe
Night at the Theater


A woman whose Highly Sensitive Autobiographical Memory keeps her from being able to forget and move on from her ex-boyfriend is forced to spend more time with him when she accidentally books a job behind the scenes of his new indie movie.

Thanksgiving Dinner

The Opposite of Yes

With all of the thankless cooking and traditions, Thanksgiving is a classically horrible weekend for moms, especially Moms like Molly who say "yes" to helping everyone to the detriment of themselves. But when Molly's teen daughter casts a spell that makes her unable to say "yes" to anything she doesn't actually want to do - Thanksgiving falls apart while Molly pulls herself together. (A woman-focused remake of Liar, Liar) 

The Opposite of Yes
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